Outdoor Kitchen Appliances


We have sourced some of the best and most advanced outdoor kitchen appliances for your outdoor kitchen. We are delighted to partner with premium Australian brand, BeefEater to supply built-in barbecues and drinks chillers for your outdoor kitchen. For those that want to have an all-round outdoor cooking experience, we work with Italian brand, Valoriani, who make stunning wood-fired ovens.

Outdoor entertaining never looked so good. With a sleek linear design and uncompromising power, the BeefEater Signature ProLine and Discovery Built-in barbecues offers an array of premium features including multipurpose cast iron furnishings, a powerful side burner and a superior oil management system. The intuitive controls feature power indicators for temperature adjustment and gas burners are designed for uniform heat distribution. With a range of cast iron grill and cooking plates with stainless steel lids, these six burner integrated barbecues are perfect for entertaining all year round.

The Valoriani al Fresco UK 60 is completely weatherproof and ideal for your outdoor kitchen. It is a stunning wood-fired oven which cooks food with a real flame to provide an authentic taste and feel of the Mediterranean. It delivers an all-round cooking experience from pizzas and bread to cooking meats and fish. The dome of the oven comes in a range of colours and can be colour-match to suit your kitchen furniture making the al Fresco is a truly desirable outdoor appliance. The standard fuel option is wood, but it can also be converted to run on gas at an additional cost.

Together with world-class cooking appliances, BeefEater has also mastered the other aspect of outdoor entertaining and makes a range of robust and lockable integrated drinks chillers for wine, beer and soft drinks. Designed for outdoor use, the BeefEater drinks cabinet has been tested to 43°C in the shade and has a 304 grade stainless steel finish, making it ideal for use in any climate. The insulated and double glazed glass doors allow you to see all of your drinks at a glance and the specially sealed door prevents condensation for even better visibility. Available in single and double door options.

At Furniture@ we also recommend the use of flat ceramic glass touch control domino induction hobs for the outdoor kitchen. Specially sealed to ensure no water seepage to the electrics, a domino version can accommodate up to two pans, and is ideal for additional cooking requirements, like melting butter for barbecued corn on the cob. Induction hobs are accurate, economical, easy to clean and most of all, safe. If anything overflows onto the hob, it will cut off, and because it is the pan that heats and not the hob, the surrounding glass surface is always cool to the touch.